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Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401K

Take Control of Your Retirement Portfolio

Many are finding that if they have checkbook control to their IRA, they are able to more freely invest in the assets they choose without the hassle of going through the custodian for every investment or paying the per transaction fee that a custodian would charge. You would be the manager of the LLC and would make each transaction, hence no fee!

Many non-traditional investments can greatly accelerate the growth of your retirement portfolio. Even now with the market, many are finding that purchasing real estate can be quite profitable, and most of their funding is tied up in their IRA with a custodian that does not allow for diversified investment such as this, but with this strategy they are now free to invest as they please and there is no waiting for a custodian to “review” the investment, they simply write the check as the manager of the LLC.

What can I invest in with my IRA LLC?

With your IRA LLC you can invest in Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Real Estate Rentals, Trust Deeds & Mortgages, Tax Liens & Certificates, Private Notes & Business Loans, and more.

Prompt Service, Expertise & Less Expensive

You can expect the process to set up an IRA LLC to take about 20-30 days, depending if we need to switch your current IRA custodian and if they delay the process of releasing/transferring your funds.

We are experts in prohibited transactions and can guide you to avoid them. You will find that our fees are much less expensive then others and will be impressed with the level of our expertise.

*If you are going to be purchasing real estate we need to discuss registering in the respective state(s).

We do offer Preferred IRA LLCs. However, due to the complexity of these entities, we suggest you have a CPA that understands the entity and how to prepare the tax report. Ask us about our Precise Planning Tax Program.

We also love the Solo 401k! This differs from other Qualified Plans because we can avoid Erisa regulations, allowing you personally to have checkbook control. Proper structuring is very important, for instance, you need to be the only full time employee. Benefits include the ability to loan yourself up to 50% of the total value up to a maximum of $50,000. Typically with a 5 year term with exceptions to extend to 10-15 years for a loan to purchase a primary home! It can even have a non-recourse loan to unrelated parties without the Unrelated Taxable Income that a regular IRA can be subject to for securing the same transaction. Contribution limits are higher than some other Qualified Plans allowing as much as $49,000 per year or $54,500 if age 50 or older.

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